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Lambs and Butterflies: Part 1

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February 1, 2016

The original Number Knit item, and the one used in Ms. Woods patent application, was entitled “Lambs and Butterflies.” This pattern is available from Google, and so I will share it here:

I am in the planning phase of this project, still deciding which yarn to knit, and at what gauge. I think I’m going to choose a fingering weight yarn, at about 5 sts per inch. The pattern is 20 squares wide. So my piece should measure 36”x44”.

Before I buy my yarn, I first need to decide which colors to use for the background, border, butterflies, and lambs.

I think I’ll use some sort of green and brown for the bottom triangles, a fluffy white for the lamb bodies, black for the lamb faces and legs (so they’ll be more obviously lambs, but also since I raised Suffolk sheep as a kid), and blue butterflies. Maybe I can find a purple and blue variegated yarn for the butterflies. I’d also like to find dark-blue to light blue slow graduating yarn for the sky. I think the border would be pretty in a creamy yellow, with dark blue for the corners.







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