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Lambs and Butterflies: Part 4

Posted on Jul 12, 2017 by in Flat Design | 0 comments

April 30 201,6

So I finally got my yarn and have began knitting. I am in my seventh square and have 92 to go. This yarn is amazing to knit with and I love the colors! I bought sample balls of tosh merino light for all the butterflies. I thought each butterfly would ale an entire sample ball, but I think I can get 3 or four butterflies out of each one.

I struggled for awhile to figure out how big to make the blanket. I decided on each square being 24 stitches x 24 ridges. It turns out that the whole piece is designed in thirds. So as long as you choose a base number divisible by three, it will work. I chose 24 sts inch. My gauge is 6 sets/inch, and the blanket is 9 squares by 11 squares. So the final piece will end up measuring 36 x 44.

I’m making good progress on the blanket and have knitted 19 of the 99 squares. I did get stuck a bit on square 3G, until I figured out that the tip of the butterfly need to be pointing in the opposite direction. The butterflies need to be pointed toward the cast one edge. I suspect that it was just a mistake in the original drawing. The one on the left is the one I had to rotate.

I also discovered that each butterfly only takes 1 gram of yarn, and so theoretically, I should be able to get 5 butterflies out of each sample ball.

I also decided when picking up, to only use the front edge of the chain stitch. In the book, Mrs. Bellamy describes how, by using the back edge of each chain stitch, you can get a nice outline border around each shape. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that there is a 2-sided chain stitch to pick up, so I have opted to always use the front chain stitch. This makes it so there there isn outlined edges, but I think it looks nicer to have one of the ages outlined in chain stitch, rather than only some of them.

I really do need to start weaving in the ends… the back side of this thing is a mess.

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