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Back in the late nineties, when I was in college, I was reading a Knitter’s Magazine article by Meg Swansen, and she mentioned casually in the article a patented knitting method called “Number Knitting” by Virginia Woods Bellamy. I was able to track down a copy of “Number Knitting” through an interlibrary loan and I skimmed it, found it interesting, and promptly got back to my studies.

Shortly after graduating college, I started a career in graphic design and technical document publishing. At the end of each day, my brain was mush and I increasingly found comfort in the soothing rhythm of garter stitch knitting and the geometric possibilities that it offered.

Approximately 15 after I first learned of Number Knitting, I decided to revisit it. I soon decided that it needed to be brought back and republished. Many modern day knitters love garter stitch, but have never heard of Number Knitting. I am slowly going through the process of recreating the book, knitting the patterns, promoting the method, and sharing my experiences with others. This website is a documentation of the process and progress. I hope you’ll join me in sharing your own Number Knitting projects and experiences.

-Kelly Vaughn