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Lambs and Butterflies: Part 6

Posted on Jul 12, 2017 by in Flat Design | 2 comments

And it’s done!

For the bind off on my rectangle borders, I used an elastic bind off, which gives kind of a textured edge. And I decided that if I was to use a regular chained edge for the corner squares, it wouldn’t match. I saw a video awhile back about how to do a 2-stitch attached I-cord as a nice border for garter stitch. But I wanted it to have a little texture, like the bind off, so I modified it it by twisting the first and last two stitches on every other row, (and then slipping them when working the backside). It looks very nice and gives a corded appearance.

I found that my tension on the long border rows was slightly looser than on the divided squares, and so the edge ripples a bit. I think if I was to knit another one of these, I will do the border on one needle size smaller.

And I had originally chosen black corners, but several people told me to use the same brown as I did for the borders. I had to order another ball, and it turned out to be slightly darker. So a couple of the corners are dark brown, which I like vey much.

All in all, I am very pleased with this blanket and I love knitting the divided squares. With each one I finish, it’s like I get to finish another project. And I love the feeling of finishing projects!

I’m already planning the next in a series of this style of blanket. I want to do “Pugs and Fireflies” and “Dachshunds and Dragonflies.”


  1. Did your final blanket match the 36″x44″ that you’d calculated during the planning phases?

  2. Yes it did! I’m not much on gauge swatches, but fortunately, this one didn’t require a gauge swatch!

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