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Tips on Small Neckpiece

Posted on Aug 11, 2017 by in Flat Design, Pattern Experiences | 0 comments

These are some tips that I noted during my making of the small neckpiece, one of my early number knitting (NK) projects. As such, they are rather brief notes, and will be of use to the student of NK who is working through the projects.

  • The book advises to mark the right side of work after you’ve knit the first square. I tied scrap yarn onto the first square after making the fourth row, or second ridge. With the knitted cast-on, when the tail is on the right end of the needle, you are looking at the right facing side of the work. By doing this, I was past the first ridge and establishing tension. Not only did it mark the RS it made it easier to count ridges.
  • I also marked the RS on the second ridge of the last square, to more readily see the RS and for counting.

  • It would be helpful to mark the RS of each square, at least for the fine yarn like I used on this project. When knitting, my work kept twisting as it hung down, and I had to periodically check the first square for the RS marker. This slowed me down.
  • When moving from the CO to the PK of the final square, keep that first PK stitch very snug, and watch for slack. The first time I did this, I was doing a loose CO as generally advised. But on my return (second) row, I ended up with too much slack between the picked up stitches and the knitted CO stitches, so I had to redo while following this advice.
  • Knitting a fine yarn on size 15 needles can feel very strange but gets comfortable. It knits up relatively quickly which I found nice.
  • FOLLOW THE CHART. It’s important to take note of when to cast off on RS or WS. The original instructions truly seem to supplement the charts, not replace them. With this piece I had a hard time orienting square 2 correctly the first couple times I was doing row 2, and the chart is essential for orientation of the PK.
  • I tried to use the weaving of square #4’s CO tail to reinforce the join of square 4 because after trying it on my neck, the square #1 stitches looked stretched out

If you have questions, please post comments, and I will do my best to answer. It’s been a long time since I made this, so I don’t recall all details, but it was a fun little piece to knit. The color of the yarn I used made a very pleasing result, and this ended up being a gift item.

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